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about me


my name is Kai and i live with my wife and child near the Baltic Sea in Rostock. There i studied and successfully graduated as a computer scientist. I work as a Senior Software Developer at OEDIV SecuSys GmbH. There i deal with various software development and Dev(Sec)Ops topics and related processes.

I am a technology enthusiast, star gazer, gardener, music lover and father. Most of the time i deal with some IT-related things. In addition to the interest in mainstream topics, I am also enthusiastic about innovations outside of it. I often indulge in my other hobbies to compensate. Our small garden always requires some attention. Depending on the season, there are also some darker spots around Rostock for a good view of the starry sky. Alternatively, i can only recommend everyone to have a look at the Rostock Observatory. For a narrow thaler you get unforgettable views of the moon and planets. Last but not least, i enjoy almost any kind of music for relaxation. However, my focus is in the electronic area. But it can also be cross-border, such as classical, rock or folk.