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It’s that time again. I upgraded my website. In the meantime to version 3.0 and as you know:

„Some bits you lose, some bits you keep.“

This time I choosed another way. No dynamic pages, no WordPress, no PHP or ASP.NET and no MySQL. The new dynamic is static. You are right, from today is a static website. For this you take some templates and some Markdown and put it into the mixer. In this case the mixer is hugo - a static website generator.

After a bit of familiarization with the concepts of the tool and the "state of the art" web technologies, things went off pretty quickly. Now I love Bootstrap and friends. As a by-product, my website is now also Responsive and what else there is for fashion terms.

Hopefully now writing will be easier for me too. As a side effect, I can manage my entire website nicely in a Git repository. In the next few days I want to integrate an external service for a comment function. That means off to the cloud with your contributions. And I will also add a spell check via a *spell to my hugo workflow. The automatic upload will probably still be in there. Otherwise permanent fine tuning. Until then: Thank you for taking a look.